Board of Directors

The Rochester Curling Club’s has nine directors, elected for terms of three years each at our annual membership meeting.


Officers are elected by the Board for one-year terms:

  • President: Larry Ahle ('22)
  • Vice President: Kathy Schmitz ('22)
  • Secretary: Dave Fitch ('21)
  • Treasurer: Jackie Lee ('23)

Board Members At-large

  • Mike Ackerman ('23)
  • Rebecca Andrew ('23)
  • Chris Barajas, ex officio
  • Russ Favro (’21)
  • Mike Hotaling (’22)
  • Ericka Smith-Schubart (’21)

To contact the Board of Directors, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Club Committees

Our membership contributes to the smooth running of our club with several committees, organized into different focus areas:

If you’re interested in being a part of a committee, please reach out to the chair to get to work!


Chairperson: Tim Stames

The Bar Committee runs our members-served bar, keeps our coolers well-stocked, and diligently researches future items for enjoyment by our members and guests.


Chairperson: Ericka Smith-Schubart

Our Bonspiels Committee helps organize and produce the many social events throughout the season, hosting friendlies with nearby curling clubs as well as our invitational bonspiels and member events.


Chairperson: Larry Ahle

The Calendar Committee controls the development of the Club Calendar for the upcoming season. The President, by rule, is the chair.


Chairperson: Jon Popick & Phil White

The Communications Committee edits our website, sends out notices to the membership, and reaches the wider curling and local community via email and social media contacts.


Chairperson: Jackie Lee

The Finance Committee handles all of the Club’s financial transactions, budgeting, and cash flow. The Treasurer chairs the committee in accordance with the Bylaws.


Chairperson: Dorothy Roach

The GNCC/USCA Committee keeps our connection to the wider curling world, and advocates for our Club’s participation in regional and national events.


Chairpersons: Carol and Mike Eagan

The Groups Committee is responsible for hosting non-members for events at the Club.

House and Grounds

Chairperson: Mike Hotaling

The House and Groups Committee helps maintain our physical plant: the building, warm room, and all of the areas of the Club off the ice.


Chairperson: Bob Williams

The Ice Committee is responsible for keeping our ice conditions at their best: preparing for the season, and contributing daily scrapes during the season with periodic melts and floods to continue improving the ice house.


Chairperson: Caitlin Pulli

The Juniors Committee runs RCC’s Youth Program, which introduces kids to the sport of curling, and grows the sport from a young age.



The Leagues Committee organizes our member season, ensuring fair and fun competition through all of our weeknight leagues.

Learn to Curl

Chairpersons: Mark and Sara Andrews

The Learn to Curl Committee helps bring new members to the Club, teaching our 5 week Learn to Curl courses throughout the season.


Chairperson: Larry Ahle

The Membership Committee develops our membership, and helps members new and old stay active and participate in the life of our Club.


Chairpersons: Jeanette McDunnah and Caitlin Pulli

Our Outreach Committee helps connect with the wider community, taking part in events throughout the season to raise awareness of the sport of Curling around the region.


Chairperson: Clark Raven

The Training Committee hosts our “member refresher” courses at the beginning of the season, and works to improve member skills through the year during open ice opportunities.


Chairperson: John Yaworski

The Universities Committee works on our College Curling program, in partnership with the student-run curling clubs at nearby institutions like the Rochester Institutite of Technology (RIT).