Thursday Open League

Drawmaster - Chris Lindstrom 

Playoffs have been scheduled for the same weeks as the Tuesday and Wedsnesday leagues. Check the calendar for dates. Same rules will apply as those leagues with the winners of each draw making the playoffs and then the best record in that division will be the Wild Card. Good luck everyone in the first Playoff Race on Thursdays!

Fall Draw
Draw Winners: Parmalee Rink (A Division), Hill Rink (B Division)
Hanna Rink has disbanded and the Twitchell Rink moves down to B. Both the Hill and Gravelle Rinks (needs to be confirmed) will be moving up to A.
Congrats to both draw winners!

Winter Draw
Draw Winners: Lindstrom Rink (A Division), Elliott Rink (B Division)
Benway and Gravelle drop to B while Elliott and Byers make the jump to A.