Adult Learn to Curl

Curling is a social sport focused on fun, fitness, strategy, and teamwork.   Played on a special indoor sheet of ice, the sport has both a physical and analytical aspect: with the rigorous sweeping required for many shots, participants get a good cardiovascular workout, and the strategy of the game is why it is often referred to as “chess on ice”.  The goal is to slide your stone closest to the target and then maintain that advantage while your competitor tries to get closer or knock your stone out.     

  • They make it look so easy on TV! Can it be that hard?
  • Why do curling stones curl?
  • What does sweeping do to a moving stone?
  • How heavy is a curling stone? Do I need to be able to pick it up?

These questions (and more) can be answered at the Rochester Curling Club's Adult Learn to Curl classes for adults (ages 18 and up). The five-week program includes individual instruction and practice time as well as the opportunity to play actual games.

All remaining classes for this season are full.

The dates and times for the fall 2014 and winter 2015 classes have not yet been determined.  Information on registration for next season's classes will be posted on this website over the summer.  Enrollment is limited.

Fee (subject to change): $75 per person for the five week program; this includes the use of all needed equipment.
Participants should dress in layers, including light gloves and flexible athletic pants; Please carry in clean sneakers.

Additional questions may be emailed to: